Selling Vancouver Real Estate


Looking to upsize, downsize, or rightsize your home? We can help. 

Just because a home can sell quickly, doesn't mean it's easy. What happens before, during, and after that SOLD sticker goes up can make or break a deal. Being a seller in Vancouver's real estate market can be just as stressful and nail-biting as being a buyer. 
That's why its' important to have a realtor you can trust -- and we can help you every step of the way! 

Getting ready to take the plunge? Here are a few things you can expect during the listing and sales process. 

Determine Why And When You Would Like To Sell
Getting ready to retire and finally buy that vacation property in the Bahamas? Ready to upsize and start a family? Motivation plays a critical factor in determining what course of action you need to take. We can help you time the perfect sale for whatever your needs. 

Finding the Right Representation
Finding the right realtor is one of the most important aspects of selling your home. You need an expert that you can trust, and should only select an agent you feel the right connection with. 

When conducting listing interviews, think locally as they will know your area. Dont be afraid to ask questions and take your time. A good realtor will know the market well, supply you with information on past sales, current listings and his/her background form previous clients -- and respect your time. 

Signing a Listing Agreement and Setting your Price
A listing agreement is the real deal: it authorizes and agent and their brokerage to market and sell your home. The agreement serves 3 purposes: a) It defines the agent-client relationship, b) it provides detailed information on the home which can be posted to the boards Multiple Listing Service (MLS) c) It forms a basis for drafting offers on your home. Woohoo! Things are picking up speed now.

Part of the listing agreement will be to set a price. Your carefully selected realtor will do a comprehensive comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to the homes recently sold, active and expired in your area and we will set the price accordingly. You will always have the final say on the price, and it will be one you are comfortable and confident with. 

Find A Lawyer 
You need to find a lawyer to do your conveyance; its where they transfer the title of the property to your name. Ask them how they structure their fees and get an estimate of all other costs you can expect. 

Prepare Your Home For Viewing
Get your mop, vacuum, tool belt & paint brush and lets get your home a mini make-over. Its the little things you can do to attract an offer. Get rid of the clutter, clean everything, repair as much as you can within reason, add some beautifying touches like new door handles on cupboards and perhaps even paint.

Marketing Your Home
This is a realtor's time to shine! Marketing a home is where expertise and experience show and this is where I can be at most benefit to you and your success. Realtors use a combination of marketing from traditional media to MLS, my own website, social marketing, and networking. We can provide you with a detailed description of our own marketing efforts and how it will set your home apart from the competition.

Prepare Your Finances
Is your mortgage portable without any penalties? Can the buyer assume your mortgage? Can you discharge your mortgage without any penalties? Does capitol gains tax apply to you? Talk with your mortgage broker and perhaps your accountant to see what applies in your specific case.

Offers and Closing the Deal
This is the best part! Your home is on the market, showings are active and plentiful thanks to some top-notch marketing, and the interested parties are ready to take action. But for all the excitement, offer time can also be emotional and overwhelming. When it comes to countering an offer, this is one of the most important tasks and the top reason you have hired an agent -- for the negotiation skills -- an art we're highly skilled in and can't wait to bring to the offer table. We're with you every step of the way and can explain everything in perfect detail, ensuring you only get the best sales price. 

Once the deal is closed -- congratulations! We'll walk you through the rest of the process to ensure your sale completes smoothly. 

We would be pleased to provide you with a CMA or submit a listing presentation if you're thinking of selling. Please contact us to let us know how we can help!

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